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CLNG-China’s first company specializing in LNG Shipping

China LNG Shipping (Holdings) Limited (CLNG) was incorporated by China COSCO Shipping Corporation and China Merchants Group in Hong Kong on 15 March 2004 with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.

CLNG is the first company in China specializing in LNG shipping, covering LNG transportation project research, investment, supervision and management of LNG carriers.

CLNG cooperates with CNOOC and local energy companies to invest and establish six ship-owning companies in Hong Kong with the six LNG vessels providing LNG shipping services for Guangdong, Fujian and Shanghai. Among them, "Dapeng Sun" delivered in April 2008 is the first LNG vessel in China.

CLNG actively participates in the investment of international LNG transportation projects. Since 2014, we have invested in a total of 28 LNG project vessels including four ship-owning companies in Hong Kong for the PU project cooperated with CNOOC and Seapeak ; five ship-owning companies for the DSC project in Cyprus partnered with Dynagas and Sinotrans ; TC LNG Shipping LLC (TC Company) in the Marshall Islands with Seapeak with six wholly-owned ship-owning companies also set up in the Marshall Islands; a ship-owning company in Singapore established jointly with Shenzhen Gas Hong Kong; and 12 ship-owning companies in Singapore for the QP project collaborated with NYK, MISC, and K-LINE .

At present, we have invested in a total of 34 LNG vessels of which 22 have been put into operation.

CLNG’s overall financial status is sound characterized by excellent asset quality, healthy capital structure, relatively strong profitability and stable cash flow.

With the vision of building a globally competitive gas shipping service provider, we focus on customer needs and are committed to providing them with safe and reliable transportation services while maximizing commercial and social value on a sustainable basis.