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COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation Co., Ltd(CSET)

As one of CLNG’s shareholder, CSET is a specialized company engaging in shipment of energy, including oil and natural gas, operating under China COSCO Shipping Corporation. CSET has the largest oil tanker fleet in the world, covering all mainstream tanker types, and stands out globally with the complete variety of tankers. It is also a leading Player of China’s LNG transportation business and an important participant in the global market.

China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd(CMES)

As one of CLNG’s shareholder, CMES is listed company under China Merchants Group specializing in shipping. CMES operates and manages the most established and the most experienced maritime oil tanker fleet in China. As a leading VLCC fleet operator in Greater China and a major participant in domestic LNG transportation projects, it owns the world's largest fleets of VLCC and VLOC, with leading domestic LNG and ro-ro fleets.

Shenzhen CLNG Ship Technology Company Limited(Shenzhen CLNG)

As a wholly-owned subsidiary established in Shenzhen by CLNG, Shenzhen CLNG is mainly specialized in providing LNG shipping commercial and technical consulting services, ship supervision technical services, and provide necessary support for domestic business for its parent company.

China LNG Shipping (International) Co., Ltd(CLSICO)

As CLNG’s ship management arm, CLSICO are managing the first 7 LNG carriers built in China. CLSICO has a professional management team resourced by a combination of Chinese and Western professionals, on shore and at sea, tasked with managing LNG ships to the highest international standards.