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Chen Ping visited Shenzhen Gas


On 25 January 2022, CLNG General Manager Chen Ping and Deputy General Manager Shu Binglin visited Qiu Lihua, Chief Economist of Shenzhen Gas, General Manager of Investment Department Gao Jie, Shenzhen Gas Hong Kong relevant personnel, as well as CLNG Commercial team attended the meeting. The two parties exchanged views on transportation cooperation issues.

Chen Ping expressed CLNG’s willingness to participate in the shipowner bidding of Shenzhen Gas LNG project, and stressed the advantages of CLNG as the first and currently the largest specialized LNG shipping company in China. As both state-owned enterprises in Shenzhen, the cooperation between two parties generates natural advantages and convenience. CLNG will strive to provide high-quality LNG shipping and management services as always, and join hands with Shenzhen Gas to proactively contribute to the stable and safe supply of LNG in Shenzhen.

Qiu Lihua gave Chen Ping a warm welcome and appreciated CLNG’ s strong support in the previous Shenzhen Gas shipbuilding supervision bidding and the upcoming shipowner bidding. He introduced Shenzhen Gas LNG project planning, upstream LNG procurement and shipbuilding progress. Shenzhen Gas will invite CLNG to participate in the invitation tender of shipowners to strengthen LNG transportation cooperation.

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