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Chen Ping visited Yiulian Dockyard


On 23 January 2022, CLNG General Manager Chen Ping and Deputy General Manager Shu Binglin visited Wang Yangzhi, Chairman and General Manager of Yiulian Dockyard, joined by Xiong Dengpan, Executive Deputy General Manager of Yiulian Dockyard and CLNG Technical team. The two sides had an in-depth exchange on strengthening LNG drydocking cooperation and Min Lu drydocking issues.

Chen Ping reviewed the history of the transfer of 6 self-managed LNG ships to Yiuian Dockyard for drydocking and expressed his gratitude for Yiulian’s strong assistance and cooperation in ship drydocking arrangements, quality and cost control of dry-docking and emergency repair during the pandemic. Chen Ping pointed out that Min Lu will be dry-docking soon and called for all parties to cooperate closely to ensure a successful completion. Wang Yangzhi appreciated the long-term support of CLNG for Yiulian’s LNGC drydocking business and hoped the cooperation with CLNG would be further strengthened in the future. Yiulian will continuously enhance drydocking process control, strive to improve dry-docking quality, take all necessary measures to ensure Min Lu’s drydocking safety, reduce cost and improve efficiency to increase Owners’ satisfaction.

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