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Chairman Ren Yongqiang of COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation visited China Merchants Shipping Group


On August 22, 2023, Mr. Ren Yongqiang, Chairman of COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation, visited China Merchants Shipping Group in Hong Kong, accompanied by Mr. Cong Jian, General Manager of the company. During the visit, Chairman Ren Yongqiang introduced the recent production and operation of COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation, emphasizing the importance of strengthening communication and learning from each other with a focus on enhancing the market influence and competitiveness in the tanker and LNG transportation business. Mr. Wang Yongxin, General Manager of China Merchants Shipping Group, presented the latest developments in the shipping sector and expressed the desire to further enhance communication and cooperation with COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation at various levels, deepening and optimizing their collaboration in the oil and gas industry. Both parties reviewed their cooperative history and engaged in discussions and exchanges regarding the development trends of the LNG industry and the transformation towards green and lower-carbon ships.

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