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CLNG,Thailand Foundation and GCL-Poly Held the First Meeting


On June 1, 2021, Chen Ping,General Manager of CLNG, Alan Kunpa, Chairman of Thailand Foundation,  Yu Baodong, President of GCL-Poly Oil and Gas Group Holdings, held the first meeting on the cooperation of Ethiopia Djibouti LNG Transportation Project.

At the meeting, Alan. Kunpa introduced project acquisition plan, which might be concluded before March 2022 if the due diligence goes smoothly. The project is anticipated to initiate tender for 3-4 conventional LNGC new-buildings in 2023 with delivery in 2026. China is the main LNG target market and the charterer will be the acquired Ethiopian Oil and Gas Field Company.

Chen Ping, introduced CLNG’s rich experience and advantages in LNG transportation, and the preliminary cooperation with GCL-Poly on this project.

Both sides believed that a win-win situation can be achieved by working together and giving full play to the advantages of each side.  Chairman Alan. Kunpa  invited CLNG to co-invest on Djibouti LNG Transportation Project with the aim to reach an HOA in early 2022. 

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