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Wang Yongxin Inspected CLSICO office


On September 15, 2021, Wang Yongxin, General Manager of China Merchants Energy Shipping, accompanied by Chen Ping, General Manager of CLNG, lead a team to inspect CLSICO office in Hong Kong. Wang Yongxin listened to the work report of CLSICO and fully affirmed the achievements made by CLSICO since its establishment and the high-quality ship management services provided for Charterers and Owners, especially praised CLSICO’s efforts for maintaining safe and stable operation of all 6 ships by overcoming Covid-19 challenges in the past two years. Wang Yongxin put forward the requirement that CLSICO shall make full use of the hard-earned and industry-recognized LNG ship management platform to seek more ship-management opportunities by integrating the development of CLNG’s business, become stronger and more competitive.

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